“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self.
Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.”

~ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull ~

Friday, April 8, 2011

Blessed Friday!

Blessed Friday everyone! Here's one to get your blood pumping for the weekend . . . ENJOY!

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Tess said...

That was stunningly beautiful. :)

Mina said...

What a happy, happy song and beautiful imagery!

RPL said...

Wow, this song makes you get up and dance.
I had a moment of "I know this!!!" of all the beautiful pictures in the song, there is a picture of the eye and the wheel behind it. I have drawn this eye every since I was a teenager, it's what I doodle when am talking on the phone or when I'm just thinking.
Thanks Tereza for bringing this amazing recognition to me.