“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self.
Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.”

~ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull ~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Questions and Answers . . .

Whilst browsing the internet today for information on Beltane, I came across a website called CARM - Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. They write about various religions and why they perceive them to be 'bad'. That is, not of their way of thinking. And yes, Wicca, was included among them. And while they do not bash other religions, they proslytize . . .
"Jesus does not lie. Please trust in him and ask Jesus to forgive your sins and to show you the true path. After all, Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by me," (John 14:6). If Jesus is the way just as he said he was, then he is THE only truth path."
Thanks . . . but no thanks. I spent most of my life in a box not seeing the forest . . . I'd rather run and play amongst the leaves to whatever end.

Now the reason I'm sharing this at all is because they ask questions but give no forum for answering them. So I'm going to do that here to the best of my knowledge and ability . . .

1. Do the gods and goddesses of Wicca actually exist?

Excuse me for saying, but this is a grade one question. It's called FAITH and so in my faith, yes, they exist. I don't have to see them and I don't need a bible to tell me so.

2. If they actually exist, how do you know they exist?

BELIEF and the fact that I've experienced them working in my life. How does one know anything exists? Like angels or spirits or guides? They exist because you believe they do.

3. If your tradition contradicts the tradition of another Wiccan, can they both be objectively true?

Yes, provided they follow the fundamental tenets of Wicca as in "An it harm none, do what you will".

4. How do you feel about believing in the religious system where you cater your religion to your desires?

Bottom line is, don't all religions somehow cater to the needs, wants and desires of it's followers? If they didn't, they most likely wouldn't exist. How do I feel? I feel great knowing I'm responsible for my own happiness and well-being.

5. If you cater/construct your religion according to our desires, then isn't it nothing more than your own invention?

How do you think Christianity or any other religion started? They started by a people or peoples having a desire to develop something bigger than themselves - men invented the bible. I didn't invent Wicca - I follow the Wiccan tenets - but I do incorporate prayers and rituals that ring true for me. And then there's something called morals . . .

6. Is Wicca able to be shown to be false or is it all non-verifiable ideas?

I don't know, why don't you disprove it and then read some of the great books out there on Goddess religions - all verifiable.

7. If your spells and incantations produce results, how do you know that the power behind the results is good or not?

Well, I suppose if it produces results I'll see whether they're good or not and I'll adjust accordingly. Remember, 'An it harm none . . .'? I might also add 'for the greatest GOOD of all'. As far as the power behind it . . . the universe always works for the greatest good of all. It does not seek to do harm.

8. How do you know that there is not something more sinister behind Wicca?

Please, give me credit for knowing my own mind, heart and spirit. How do you 'fight' the devil? Same idea.

9. Why do you think that rituals dealing with candles, knives, and such are able to affect nature?

Candles, knives and what-have-you are only instruments used to help a practitioner focus their prayers or energies. One could just as easily use a pointed finger or nothing at all. These items are not crucial to my spiritual practice. It all comes from within. I don't believe it's nature I'm affecting, it's my own perception of my place in nature and in the world.

So there you have it - my answers to the questions asked by CARM. Please keep in mind that it's difficult to answer such questions in a few short lines of text. I would love to be able to sit down and expand on my answers in conversation, but then again I tend to get tongue-tied when confronted.

The thought also occurred to me to ask - "Why do you feel compelled to ask me such questions? I have no desire to question your faith." I'm just saying . . .



Tess said...

Wow, That all made perfect sense to me. Thank You...

Anonymous said...

Good for you for answering those questions. I have to admit though, when I encounter a fundie of any Religion I usually agree to disagree because they are in the same category as the anti-abortionist. Extreme. I don't have the energy to fight a losing battle.

Mina said...

Wonderful answers! I only wish you could have posted them in your eloquent way on their site!

The Blue Faerie said...

I would actually ask number 9 of most Christians too! :)