“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self.
Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them.”

~ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull ~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Bit of This and a Tad of That

It's been cold, gray and overcast most of this week sending me into a bit of a hibernation. I guess laying on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn could be considered as doing something . . . couldn't it?

Other than watching movies I was busy putting together a new website. 'Loving Heart Reiki' is the name and it is all about Reiki. I hope you'll pop by and visit and maybe even book yourself a session while you're there.

Be still my heart . . .

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take myself out to see a movie . . . notice a theme here? I'd been wanting to see 'The King's Speech' since it came out (Colin Firth is sooooo dreamy!) and so with a large popcorn and iced tea in hand, I made my way into the movie theatre. This is only the second time I've ever gone to a movie by myself and I have to say it's quite liberating. I get to see the movie I want to see and I get to eat the treats I want to eat. Oh, did I mention I also got Raisinettes?

Anyway, I was engrossed in the movie from beginning to end. I could look at Colin Firth all day, but it wasn't just him that kept me watching. I love to watch anything that has to do with the English monarchy. I'm captivated by them. And learning more about how this young prince was raised was heart-breaking to say the least. And then being thrown onto the throne, well in my view he was a very strong and brave man.

Colin Firth did an excellent job portraying King George VI and Geoffrey Rush was a hoot as Lionel Logue. You could see the mutual admiration between both of these men, who remained friends throughout their lives. 'The King's Speech' is an excellent movie and I hope that Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush win all the awards the movie industry has to offer . . . they certainly deserve them!

And to round out my evening last night I made some more bath salts. I found the most fabulous jar at the hospice store I frequent - it's divine! Give these a try . . . if you like the scent of orange, you'll love these!

Orange Bliss Bath Salts

1.5 cups of Epsom Salts
1 cup of sea salt
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
(I buy my oils from Back to Basics Log Cabin on Etsy)
yellow and red food coloring to make orange
1 teaspoon glycerin
dried orange peels
peppermint leaves

Pour the Epsom Salts and sea salt into a glass bowl and mix well. Add one to two drops of Sweet Orange essential oil. Blend the yellow and red food coloring together and pour into the salt mixture. Blend well. Add one teaspoon of glycerin (make sure to keep this at one teaspoon or the salts will melt). Add the dried orange peels and peppermint leaves (or whatever herbs you'd like) and mix well. Spread the mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and dry for about one to two hours. Place them into a pretty jar and enjoy!



Terri said...

You got what you were hoping for! He won and the picture won, isn't that fab!
I loved this movie. I am glad it was given recognition.

Your bath salts look wonderful. I would love to make some of this.
I am heading over to your new blog to check it out.

Terri said...

Your new blog is fabulous! Your studio room looks so very calm and relaxing. I wish you the very best on your new path with this healing modality.
I am so glad you have found it!